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To keep the costs of your badges to a minimum we recommend that you set up all the artwork for your badges yourself. If you know the basics of using image editing software like Photoshop it's quite easy to do...just download one of these templates and follow the guidelines & instructions below.
(If you're not able to set up your own artwork we may be able to assist you, but it will be subject to our current work schedule and charged at an hourly rate of €15.00 p/h. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this option).

Each template is a square image file (40x40mm @ 300dpi) with a plain white background and three circular lines (similar to the left half of the image below). These three lines, one green, one yellow and one brown, indicate the different areas of your "canvas" as follows:

SAFE ZONE: This is an area 2mm from the edge of the badge. Everything within this area is guaranteed to fit perfectly on the front of the badge.
BUTTON'S EDGE: This line indicates where the edge of the badge will be. Everything beyond this line will wrap around towards the back of the badge.
CUT LINE: This is where the printed artwork will be cut.

Always make sure that all important elements of your artwork, especially when using lettering or text, are inside the SAFE ZONE. Everything within this area (right up to the edge of the line) will fit perfectly on the front of the badge. Most of the area between the SAFE ZONE and the BUTTON'S EDGE will be visible when the badge is seen from the front, but due to the curve around the edge of the badge and minor fluctuations in all printing and manufacturing processes we recommend that you avoid having any important elements in this area. The whole area between the BUTTON'S EDGE and the CUT LINE will fold around the edge towards the back of the badge and will NOT be visible when the badge is seen from the front. It will however be partially visible from the side and the back of the badge so make sure any backgrounds, colours or patterns you use continues all the way to the edge of the CUT LINE to ensure your badge looks perfect all around.

Once you have your artwork set up according to these guidlines it's ready to be finalised. If you used the Photoshop version of the template make sure to delete (or hide if you want to re-use the template) all of the following layers that was included in the template; INFO, GUIDES & MASK along with any other layers you might have added but dont want to appear on the badge. Check once more that everything looks as you intended and that all important elements are within the SAFE ZONE and all backgrounds, textures and colours run all the way up to the CUT LINE. Save the artwork as a .JPG file at the highest possible quality and give the file an appropriate name for future reference. Once you've done this your artwork is ready to be sent or uploaded.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we'll do our best to help.

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